i like when the blood all goes to your head and it gets muted, everything is quiet except the one constant tone, then faltering frequency and pulsing sounds of static, and the real world is back, with the soft brushing of water on the shoreline

— 2 days ago

i wonder what it feels like to be absolutely okay

— 2 days ago
i hope you are okay

i hope you are okay

— 2 days ago

i feel so good right now and i want to share it with someone else

— 3 weeks ago

it feels dumb and good
and childish
and warm
to listen to your voicemails

the little things you say
when you are on the bus
walking home
an interruption

and i close my eyes in my comfort
in how you are when you hang up

— 1 month ago with 1 note

well, i guess i’m blogging now

— 2 months ago